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My first diet led to disaster:  I lost 15 pounds, then regained 75.  Yo-yo dieting ruined my high school and college years. Then I swore off diets forever and began to take my life back.  Now I’ve been at a happy weight for over 30 years. I made the journey on my own, with many bumps and detours along my path. You don’t have to go it alone, I’ll show you the way. 


More than 70 research studies have shown that dieting is fruitless and quite often detrimental for most people. My program is far more effective than diets and results in lower BMI, weight stability, lower blood pressure, better blood sugar levels, and more positive body image.


No Willpower Needed!  You will learn to work WITH your body, instead of fighting it and learn to trust yourself with food.  ANY FOOD.


My journey took me from suicidal misery into freedom, confidence, and joy.  YOUR journey will be unique.  This path is not “too good to be true”. It’s completely real. It’s proven. And I know you can do it!

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