One of my Magic of Mindful Eating workshop participants stopped me cold with that question this weekend — it took a few moments of silence to think carefully about my answer. I’m not exactly a millennial, so first I had to pause and think about what it meant to be a “THING“: I take it to mean something that pushes my buttons / triggers me / carries a lot of meaning / is a big deal / comes with heavy baggage …
My answer: NO, Food is Not a THING — anymore. (It certainly used to be!) Today, I mostly eat for hunger and I don’t worry about enjoying a big meal, or about particular foods. Chocolate is wonderful, and I enjoy it often! But if it’s not around that’s no big deal. I certainly don’t run out late at night to buy it, although that was part of my life many years ago.

If food is a THING for you, try to pause before you actually eat and ask yourself:

  • What BUTTON is it pushing?
  • How am I TRIGGERED?
  • What does this food MEAN TO ME?
  • What MEMORIES are coming up?
  • What’s the STORY I have about this?
    Write those things down and then think about them some other time, when you’re relaxed and not feeling an urge to eat. Don’t get caught up in the stories and emotions, but try to just LET THEM BE. If you can do that, then, over time the association can grow weaker and the trigger less powerful.

    I do have a THING though: it’s the 63 Billion Dollar Weight Loss Industry, with its false promises and diets that lead to more weight not less, and the damage it’s doing to our bodies, our health, and our souls…