97% of women have a negative thought about their body at least once a day. For many, it’s a constant refrain in the back of their minds–and, of course, it’s not just women. Especially now: Society is putting ever more emphasis on weight (often in the guise of health concerns, it frequently deteriorates into judgment and condemnation). When 4-year olds come home from preschool worried about their weight and their diets, there’s a problem. Personally, I think this obsession is making things worse, not better. It’s also fueling a huge business in silver bullets: This Diet, This Food, This Surgery, This Workout, This Supplement will fix everything–you’ll be beautiful and happy. Sure it will…

I’m not saying that weight doesn’t matter, but it matters a LOT LESS than commonly believed.

Yo-Yo dieting is far worse for your health than being stable at the higher weight. Dieting is nearly 3x more likely to lead to weight GAIN than weight loss after 2 years (sure, it works for awhile, but the pounds come roaring back!) There are more effective ways to manage your weight, and I talk about them elsewhere, but key to them all is SELF-ACCEPTANCE. It’s difficult to rationalize, but self-criticism makes you less able to make positive change in your life. Because of the way our brains work at a subconscious level, it’s almost impossible to build something positive and stable on a negative foundation.

This led to a wonderful conversation with my friend and colleague, Dr. Gail Lash–check it out here:

Making Peace with your Body: Interview on the PeaceBrain Show with Dr. Gail Lash