I was at a wonderful gathering of women a few evenings ago, and a couple of them were sharing that they’d just begun diets–both with a major weight-loss company. They went on and on about the amount of time and effort it took to prepare their meals. One even showed me the app on her phone for tracking her eating, and lamented that she only had 5 points left for something or other.

There’s a better way to determine how much to put on your plate, how much to eat once you’ve started, when to stop: YOUR OWN BODY KNOWS! It knows how much it should weigh and how much food it needs to meet its energy needs. Over time, it will take you in the direction of your genetic set-point.

Where’s the joy in eating when you’re worried about how many grams of this and how many grams of that? Carefully laying out ten crackers — yes, you pay attention and savor them — that’s great, but what if you’re still not emotionally satisfied, still hungry at the end of a meal? What happens when you quit measuring, counting, logging?

The trick is listening in, hearing the internal messages of hunger, nutritional needs, satisfaction, fullness, and yes, even emotional needs: if we don’t listen for those, they drive unconscious, reactive eating. Once you’re back in touch with them, they’ll help empower you to keep the weight off.

Some programs do ask people to notice how they feel when they want food, but do they help deal with those feelings? Aligned ~ Intuitive ~ Mindful Eating does just that. It takes the control away from diet plans, point allowances, scales, and puts it back with you – you have the power over your food, and you can learn to eat the right way – without an app!

Instead of frustration, look for something that increases your pleasure in eating, builds your confidence, and most of all, works WITH your body, not against it. You CAN do it!