As everyone dug into their French Toast on Sunday morning, the conversation turned to food and issues of self-control. Each woman shared her methods for keeping the pounds at bay:

  • One woman focuses on raw food and counts each gram of sugar
  • Another follows the Weight Watchers program and counts points
  • Another tries to eat mostly fruits and vegetables and avoid desserts
    All of them experienced guilt when they ate something they “shouldn’t” according to their particular regimen, and no one was satisfied with her weight. They felt frustration, discouragement and resignation.

    Because my Mindful and Intuitive Eating approach is so very different, they were curious to hear more. We discussed comfort food and foods they found especially
    appealing and hard to resist. Everyone seemed to have a “guilty pleasure” or two.

    I explained that I encourage my clients to try to let go of the feelings of guilt when they do indulge: a better place to focus is on truly enjoying and appreciating the food.

    Once you’ve decided to eat something, the best way to retain and build your power of choice is to OWN that decision and then truly SAVOR EVERY BITE. You’ll get the most pleasure out of it that way, be satisfied sooner, and ultimately eat less. Negative self-judgment gets in the way of enjoyment and leads to over-eating. A bonus: people often discover that the irresistible food isn’t so irresistible either, once they’ve genuinely paid attention to it.

    One woman caught up to me later and said “ENJOY IT! That’s what I needed to hear, thank you so much!” It had clicked for her–the link between pleasure and satisfaction–and she could feel the power of holding a different point of view about her eating. She’s on her way to a life of confident, joyful, eating.

    If some foods seem to hold special power over you — if they’re your go-to’s in moments of stress, or you find yourself eating them more often than you’d like, there’s probably an emotional charge attached to them. Instead of feeling guilty or frustrated, try curiosity instead of judgement! There’s a huge opportunity to understand yourself better and have greater power in the moment of choice:
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