Why Kryptonite? It steals our natural, innate power…

With new super-hero movies coming out, let’s take a moment to remember Superman: he could fight and fly, had super-hearing and x-ray vision. He was powerful, unstoppable—except when kryptonite was around. Just a small chunk of the rock from his home planet robbed him of his superpowers. The same thing happens to our weight loss powers, but a different kryptonite is to blame.

DIET THINKING is weight loss kryptonite. It can undermine you at every step and even prevent you from mastering the simple but essential skills that lead to reaching a stable, healthy weight.

It was exactly those sneaky, niggling little thoughts that kept tripping me up long each time I thought I’d reached a stable weight, and now, decades later, I’ve watched it slow my clients down, and even rob them of the success they deserve.

And it’s everywhere these days!

             DIET THINKING IS:

        • Feeling guilty for enjoying something scrumptious.
        • Being self-conscious about what you put on your plate because others are watching.
        • Denying yourself something you truly want because it’s “fattening”.
        • Believing that eliminating certain kinds of foods will solve an eating problem.
        • Wondering if the latest magic food or supplement will finally be the answer.
        • Hoping an expert, a plan, a book, will tell you exactly what to eat.
        • Believing that if you only had more discipline, more willpower, you’d live happily ever after at your ideal weight.
        • Worrying so much about WHAT you eat that you hardly notice WHY you’re eating.
        • Deciding to lose some pounds quickly before you embark on the slower-but-lasting Aligned~Intuitive~Mindful Eating path.

And yes, even just thinking about going on a diet of any kind is Diet Thinking—I used to gain 5 pounds whenever I even considered going on a diet. Good thing there’s a better way!

Diet Thinking is rooted in the  belief that the answer is outside of us somewhere, that some person, plan or thing holds the key to our weight. Even willpower is about controlling our outward behavior.  But our eating behavior is just the external result of internal processes: our thoughts, feelings and needs.

Diet Thinking is easy to fall into—everyone’s doing it, talking about it—and on the surface, it seems like common sense. But it doesn’t work and it’s so disempowering! It destroys your trust in yourself and slams the door on the real solution—the inner work that leads to lasting change in eating behavior.   Blue Door with lock

…So what’s behind the door?

The REAL REASONS you eat more than you need to.

They’re as individual for each of us as our bodies and stories are, and, at the same time, we’re not alone in our eating habits. That’s good news! As powerful as they are, these urges to eat can be handled: calmed and eventually tamed with patience and compassionate awareness.

Fighting the urge to eat with willpower and self-control is only a temporary solution—that’s Diet Thinking again, and it just prolongs the struggle and the pain. It’s like playing Whack-A-Mole—the urge just pops up again, often stronger than before, and it eventually overcomes even our best intentions.

So, if Diet Thinking is kryptonite, what’s your weight loss superpower?
APPETITE CLARITY: the Emotional Eating Solution

Knowing WHY you want food, seeing the urge to eat clearly and compassionately, is the first step in calming it. Once you have Appetite Clarity, there are a whole host of techniques, tools and practices you can use to quiet the urge and allow it to fade away.

So, the next time you feel a powerful desire to eat something, take three slow, deep breaths, and ask yourself: “Am I physically hungry?”  If not, ask yourself: “Why do I want food right now, what’s going on?” Instead of judging, be curious and loving toward yourself. You’re not perfect, you’re human, and doing the best you can. Let the answer arise and take three more deep breaths. Then choose to eat or not, and if you do, ENJOY it without guilt, because you’ve just taken the first step toward Appetite Clarity and a new, more joyful, more satisfying life with food.

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Warmest wishes,  Martha