I was speaking with my friend Elly about an article she had just written, and she shared something that’s especially powerful for eating just the right amount.

For years, I’ve emphasized how important it is to get in touch with your internal signals of hunger and satisfaction and to use those signals to help you eat in balance with your body’s needs. Elly’s been doing that too, and she says:

It’s all about the SIGH!

You know when you’re tired and ready to quit something, and your body lets out a sigh without your intending to? That sigh you are hardly aware of? That’s what I’m talking about. THAT SIGH.

It’s telling you something, and it comes from deep inside. It’s a “knowing” from behind your conscious, thinking brain, and it’s important to listen to it.

That sigh can also happen when you’ve had enough to eat—maybe you’ve noticed it yourself? It’s telling you, gently, to stop eating, your body has had enough. It probably happened before the thought even hit your brain. And that’s why it’s so important. It’s a leading indicator, an early signal, and if you can learn to listen for it and act on it, you’ll eat less.


Of course acting on it may not be easy in the beginning, so start with just listening for your sigh and noticing it. When it happens, put down your fork and take a deep breath. Notice how you feel in your stomach and in your body. Then ask yourself if you really want more food. Just be open to the possibility of leaving your fork or spoon on the table and ending your eating at that point. Over time, you may find yourself stopping—that’s a big shift! As it happens more and more, it will have an impact on your overall food intake in the long run, and probably on your weight as well.

And what if you don’t get a sigh? Not everyone will, No Worries! —the very act of looking for it and listening for it will help you get in touch with your body. In the middle of your meal, take that deep breath and follow the process above. Everyone is unique and it’s important to find your own signals. This is a gentle approach with no hard rules. The goal is to finish your meal in a state of balance and ease.

Want to read Elly’s article? It’s here—enjoy! >> What Happens When A Change Is No Longer A Choice?

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Martha  McGinnis is  dedicated  to  helping  you  release  extra  pounds  so  you  can  achieve  and  maintain  a  “Happy  Weight” where you’re comfortable, confident, and free to devote your time and energy to what matters most. She believes that the key to your Happy Weight is in your head, not on your plate, and if you’re just focused on what you’re eating and not on WHY, you’ll always be in a battle with food and with your body.

In developing her Aligned~Intuitive~Mindful Eating method, (AIM Eating) Martha draws upon her own experience of successfully losing 45+ pounds (now 60)and sustaining that weight loss for more 35 years through many life challenges and two pregnancies — without dieting.

An MBA and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Martha has extensive experience in Change Management and  AdultLearning. She is  a  Vice  President  of  the  Southeast Association of Facilitators and Past President of both the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and the former Atlanta Treasury Management Association.