On this Independence Day, as I’m celebrating the founding of our nation, I’m also enjoying a special kind of freedom, something I discovered by accident many years ago: freedom from dieting and peace with food and with my body. It was hard-earned, and well worth the effort, but it came as a bit of a surprise, because I hadn’t known to expect it.

When I stopped dieting, I was just following an idea–the realization that my weight battle started with my first diet and that not dieting might be the key to success. It was the answer for me, but the greatest prize wasn’t losing weight and keeping it off. It was the sense of FREEDOM I discovered.

Freedom from plans and restrictions, freedom from judgment and self-criticism, freedom from hunger, freedom to eat whatever I choose without guilt or remorse. It’s still amazing to me, and wonderful!

And it’s not just me!  The same freedom comes to my clients–long before they can lose much weight. It’s an essential component of the Aligned~Intuitive~Mindful Eating methods that I teach and have followed myself for 40 years now.

“It’s been an amazing whole piece of consciousness that’s connected all these dots of how I’m showing up and what I’m doing to my body in a way that’s so gentle so caring and embracing. I can see there’s absolutely no need to diet ever again.

I can see that it will just keep getting better and better and in tune with my whole self. I’m SO THRILLED, and I’m not even like a good student! I don’t do my homework and it’s still working!”    ~Karla Lang  

On this 4th of July, I am truly filled with gratitude for all the many freedoms I enjoy today.

Wishing YOU great freedom as well!