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  • How a shift in your thinking can lead to lower weight and get you off the diet/gain/diet/gain roller-coaster once and for all
  • How understanding your cravings can actually calm emotional eating
  • How making peace with food can reduce your appetite while it increases your pleasure and satisfaction
  • How honoring your body empowers you to keep weight off forever
  • How freedom from food worries leads to greater enjoyment, self-trust and self-confidence

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Karla Lang“I haven’t even tried to change and I’ve changed. So that’s amazing! It’s just consciousness, becoming aware. I haven’t even gotten on the scales but my jeans are loose now and I can fit into some I couldn’t fit into for years.

I had stopped getting any exercise but now I’m feeling like moving. It’s been an amazing whole piece of consciousness that’s connected all these dots of how I’m showing up and what I’m doing to my body in a way that’s so gentle so caring and embracing. I can see there’s absolutely no need to diet ever again.

I can see that it will just keep getting better and better and in tune with my whole self. I’m SO THRILLED, and I’m not even like a good student! I don’t do my homework and it’s still working!”   

Karla Lang