There’s a Beautiful, Joyful Life Beyond Dieting!

When diets so often fail us, it just makes sense to look for something that’s more effective and sustainable.


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What’s  YOUR  Diet Story?


  1. prosceniumllc

    Have so many diet stories…in college I would starve and binge: Monday through Friday I would survive on coffee and saltines, stay busy with class, studies, extra activities. But then on weekends, I would secretly binge – order and entire pizza and eat it alone or go out to 3 different fast food places to get something from each. Sometimes I would take a diuretic before binging so I would not gain any weight. I lost a lot of weight and was the thinnest I’ve ever been, however I was miserable, hyped on caffeine, gained the weight back and damaged my metabolism.

    I’ve tried Weight Watchers, SlimFast, Nutri-system and none worked as I’d hoped. I even went to OA for 2 months…I thought the meetings were ok, and found the people nice, but most meetings ended with a post-OA visit to Two Boots Pizza and then something sweet.

    I have had this struggle since I was 5. I have never felt as slim, handsome, attractive as I wish I was. Sadly though, as I’ve aged, I’ve seen some photos of me when younger and wished I could have seen and appreciated then just how attractive and vital I was. That’s why now I try to be kinder to myself, though it’s tough some days.
    Simple fact is when I’m slimmer I feel happier about myself.

    In 2015 I did a nutrition plan to simply improve my health – from the standpoint of blood work I’d received that had a few alarmingly poor results. Because I just wanted to be healthy and dedicate to this lifestyle, I really did commit and lost 24 pounds. More importantly though I improved my blood results. The program began with a 3-day fast and then elimination and re-introduction of certain foods; I did eliminate wheat, sugar, dairy, soy, corn from my diet and while tough at first, within just days I felt so much better.

    Since then I’ve stayed pretty much with this eating lifestyle, but not strictly so… some trigger foods have crept back in and have gained 8 pound back.
    I want to be free of the addiction to food, which is what it is…I just want to be free and handle it better.

    • Martha McGinnis

      Thank you for sharing–this can be so hard to talk about. As you might guess from the video, I believe that you’re not so much addicted to food as a victim of our obsessive diet culture: it does a number on all of us! I think you’re a Survivor! It IS possible to achieve a normal relationship with food, but it takes time and dieting won’t help–it can often slow the process. There are skills and practices that help naturally thin folks stay that way, but they’re just that: natural, unconscious. I work with people to re-learn those skills and build a healthy relationship with food. Please watch all the videos as they arrive, and know that I believe you can do it!

  2. Abigail Unger

    Martha, I love this…Your message is so clear and informative.


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