Weight keeps coming back?

Can’t stick to your eating plan?

Think you’ve tried everything?

Think Again!

Does this sound like you?

    • You’ve tried cutting out carbs, only to rebound after a family birthday party when you just couldn’t stick to it.
    • You tried other diets too, and even upped your time at the gym…but the effects were slow and negligible really… 
    • You often get angry at yourself for your lack of discipline or self-control or awareness, especially after an evening out, a party or weekend. 
    • If someone recorded the voices in your head, it wouldn’t be pretty when they’re talking about you.
    • You look in the mirror and wish you saw something different, and yet everything you’ve tried either hasn’t worked or you’ve failed in the trying…

Here’s the thing 


Restricting Foods ALONE doesn’t work (even if you add lots of exercise).

What DOES Work?

combining mindful food choices with real KNOWLEDGE about yourself –

how your body works,

what sets you off,

what triggers a chain of unhealthy eating or overeating,

and how to break the cycle.

That’s what BodyWise is all about!

    • Get in touch with your body so it can help you reach a Happy Weight that’s right for you.
    • Learn how to lean in to your body’s wisdom when cravings strike.
    • Discover natural cravings for healthier foods once you get out of your head and into your body.
    • Forget calories, points, plans and scales and take direction from the inside-out.
It’s not about WHAT to eat, or even WHEN to eat – because those two steps are the easiest! It’s about how to feel full physically full, how to be aware of how your emotions are affecting what you’re eating, how to be with your thoughts so you don’t respond to them with food…

… so that you can eat well no matter what life throws your way!

Because unless your next diet plan is going to erase all the stress in your life, find you the perfect partner (and family) and give you unlimited money…

…you’ve got to learn how to have a stressful life and still make healthy choices at the same time!

Turn your body into an ALLY and let it help you achieve your goals!

For most of us your body isn’t an ally – it may seem to turn on you in any given moment.  Craving sugar, once you’ve sworn it off. Eating too much from the breadbasket when you know you shouldn’t …

But here’s what’s possible – in 5 weeks – you can befriend your body.

Learn to hear when she is hungry and when she is not.

Learn to trust her …to choose something healthy off the menu. (Not because you should, but because that’s what you WANT)

Learn to slow down enough to have awareness in the moment to make a healthy choice –  even if it’s been the hardest day ever.


This is about retraining your mind, your body and your emotions to work together.  And it’s something most of us were never taught. But the good news is that once you’ve learned it, you’ll have the ability to make healthy choices, to avoid overeating, to stick to your eating plan as long as you want.  No matter what is happening in your life.

It’s about getting to that place where you know when you’ve eaten the right amount, when you feel good and have energy, when you’re not over-full, you’re not hungry anymore, you’re just right, and you know it.

In this program, you’ll learn:

How to listen to your body and to create space in the moment to make a healthy choice in the face of overwhelming emotion, or hard thoughts, or a tough day.

How to trust your body (not just your mind) when it says stop.

How to rely on something other than food to process emotions and stress. 

It takes time to change your habits and to lose weight, especially if you want the weight loss to last. And it’s so easy to become discouraged, especially if you’re prone to slip up. One way to feel like you’re succeeding every day is to get to just right at some point during each day and even throughout your day.  Just right in terms of how and what you’re eating, just right in how you feel in your body and, ultimately, just the right size too!


Is just what you need:

~ 5 Online Training Sessions followed by Q & A

~ Hosted on ZOOM so you can see and hear the other participants

~ Session Recordings/Videos available for download later

~ Worksheets and other tools to support your progress

~ Access to the BodyWise Forum – your Private Facebook Group

  • Post your questions and issues between sessions
  • Share experiences and insights with other participants
  • Get help from your peers
  • Form your own support group
  • Find a BodyWise buddy
Bonus: Private 1-1 Session for FIRST 7 to Register!

A 30-minute private consultation to address your individual challenges and get you the help you need when you need it the most!

Bonus: Conquer Your Triggers Training!

Learn to handle the situations and circumstances that cause you to eat or overeat. This goes way beyond avoidance–don’t throw food out or stay away from restaurants–learn to handle things confidently.

“I haven’t even tried to change and I’ve changed. So that’s amazing! It’s just consciousness, becoming aware. I haven’t even gotten on the scales but my jeans are loose now and I can fit into some I couldn’t fit into for years.
I had stopped getting any exercise but now I’m feeling like moving. It’s been an amazing whole piece of consciousness that’s connected all these dots of how I’m showing up and what I’m doing to my body in a way that’s so gentle, so caring and embracing. I can see there’s absolutely no need to diet ever again.
I can see that it will just keep getting better and better and in tune with my whole self. I’m SO THRILLED, and I’m not even like a good student! I don’t do my homework and it’s still working!”
Karla Lang

BodyWise is not a diet!

IT’S ABOUT LEARNING to to eat as joyfully as a two-year-old! Small children (and the effortlessly thin) eat naturally — they instinctively choose what’s right for them in the moment and stop when they’ve had enough. It’s an innate ability you were born with: now you can reclaim it, own it, and celebrate it.

EXPERIENCE THE POWER of respecting and honoring your own unique experience of hunger and fullness, instead of following someone else’s directions.

GET IN TOUCH with what you really want to eat—Learn to hear the subtle and not-so-subtle signals that are your body’s way of asking for certain foods.

DISCOVER a whole new mindset around food and eating!

SILENCE the Food Police!  Free yourself from external judgments and that critical voice in your head. In addition to making you miserable, research shows that too much focus on food, on restrictions, and on weight often triggers a negative response like overeating or going off-plan.

BANISH Blame and Guilt! Your past eating habits were a natural response to the circumstances of your life and the artificial stresses of dieting. Learn to shift your habits gently so they serve you and support a Healthy Happy Weight.

DISCOVER Compassion for yourself! Caring for yourself is the key to achieving the weight that is just right for your way of life, your phase of life and your unique body type.

GO BEYOND the Scales and Behind the Mirror: Gain trust and self-confidence as you learn to value internal signals over external voices and standards.

Diet programs will tell you what and when to eat. This is different, this is about hearing your body’s guidance and learning to act on that. It’s about getting out of your head and finding peace with food:  learning to deal with food in the real world, in your real body and your real life.

Occasional Overeating happens to all of us! It doesn’t have to be a problem.  REALLY!!  


There is no wagon to fall off of in this program — it’s flexible and helps you adapt to your own unique circumstances. Life happens…
Learn to meet overeating with an attitude of inquiry, not judgment.  
Learn to distinguish between hunger and appetite.
Sense emotion-triggered impulses to eat and practice methods to bypass them before you take that first bite
Isn’t it time YOU experienced that JUST RIGHT feeling?
In 5 short weeks you can discover the magic of turning your body into an ally:



Your Investment: $297
(Or 3 payments of $109)


There will never be a better time — create a 2019 filled with joy and self-discovery!

“I ate less and enjoyed it more, than any holiday I can remember!”
Kathleen Smith

End the guilt and frustration of yo-yo dieting.

Stop gaining and start losing.
Experience the confidence and joy of that just-right feeling!
“I haven’t seen this weight in years!”
Jennifer Ruscin

My Personal Guarantee:  


I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the information delivered in BodyWise. You’ll have two weeks to test-drive the program.  If for some reason this course doesn’t meet your expectations, I’ll send you questions to prove that you’ve been listening to the classes. Assuming you can answer the questions, just ask me for a refund up to 5pm ET on Day 15. You have my word on it!

You may be thinking…

I’m already too busy.

If you miss a session, watch the recording online or download the file and review it wherever and whenever it’s convenient. The rest of the week, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on this: there are no special meals to prepare, no calories or points to worry about. THIS IS ABOUT REDUCING YOUR STRESS, NOT ADDING TO IT!

I’ve given up on weight-loss programs, I’m so discouraged!

Then you’re actually in the perfect place to begin a completely different approach! Perhaps the hardest things for people to give up are the false hope and false promises of quick weight loss diets. You’re already there, which means you may begin to experience positive results sooner than others will.

My doctor says I need to lose a lot of weight right away…

The goal is a healthier you, right? Well, regaining the weight after dieting is even more unhealthy than not doing anything at all.  And, study after study shows that 40% of people who diet end up heavier than before–that’s definitely not what the doctor ordered!  A gradual, long-lasting weight loss is the healthiest alternative. And, this way of eating leads to better “numbers” with or without weight loss. It’s a better, safer, course of action.

I think I’m a compulsive eater.

Did you know that dieting can make you compulsive about food?  It’s a natural reaction to calorie restriction. Research shows that otherwise normal people begin to exhibit all kinds of strange and compulsive behaviors when they go on diets.  Then those behaviors become habits that are hard to break. BodyWise will help quiet those impulses and give you back the power to say “yes” or “no” to eating.

I always regain the weight I lose on diets!  Won’t I just gain it all back again

That’s the biggest difference! You’ll learn positive habits that will just grow stronger with practice.  Because you’re working WITH your body rather than against it, there’s no rebound effect, no build-up of negative energy. In the long run, it becomes second nature and you’ll eat intuitively without thinking about it.That’s the magic….

I’m afraid I’m not self-disciplined enough—I seem to have no will power!

This isn’t about will power—you’re not fighting anything!  It takes effort to pay attention in the beginning, as you become more conscious of when and why you eat, and your body’s signals. Mostly what’s needed is curiosity: the more you check in with yourself, the more successful you’ll be.

It sounds too good to be true.

Yes, it does…but remember this:  there are millions of normal-weight people in the world who eat this way naturally, without being conscious of it. They don’t do it by magic, it only seems that way. Now is your chance to become one of them!

I’ve designed this program for YOU:


This is for you if you’re sick and tired of tallying points or weighing your food.

This is for you if you’ve had it with worry, guilt and self-denial and you’re ready to thoroughly enjoy the simple, life-giving act of nourishing yourself.

This is for you if stress around eating and your weight have consumed too much of your life already and you’ve decided it’s time to free all that energy for a greater purpose.

This is for you if you’re ready to look inward to find the help that’s always been there–your body’s innate wisdom, your heart’s immense compassion, your creativity and your resourcefulness.

This is for you if you if you’re tired of feeling alone in your struggle. You’re in good company–find it here!

I’m Martha McGinnis and I’ve been there!

Martha McGinnis, MBA, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

My first diet led to disaster:  Yes, I lost 15 pounds, but it didn’t last–I eventually gained it all back and then kept on gaining. Every diet led to MORE weight, not less, and I ended up 60 pounds heavier than I started. Yo-yo dieting and obsessing about my weight ruined my high school and college years. I was discouraged–utterly miserable, and desperate. Desperate enough to try something radical: I quit dieting. I took my focus off food and learned to listen to my body and pay attention to why I was eating. With my new mindset and habits, I gradually lost 45 pounds. Now, I’ve been at a normal, happy weight for 35 years and have lost even more weight in the last 10 years.

I made the journey on my own, with many setbacks along the way. You don’t have to go it alone, I’ll show you the way. BodyWise is the foundation–the solid basics of making peace with food and learning to listen to your body–the essential practices that brought me out of suicidal misery into freedom, confidence, and joy.  

YOUR journey will be unique.  This path is not “too good to be true”. It’s completely real. It’s proven. And I know you can do it!

“Martha is truly a gift. I wish I had met her 20 years ago. She listens, observes, has compassion, and allows you to embrace new perspectives.”
Virginia Nava

Are you wondering:

Everyone says the key to losing weight is eating the right foods, what do you recommend?

I don’t recommend any particular plan. Everyone is unique. Too much focus on what you eat leads to cravings that are hard to handle.  It’s far more effective to start with getting your energy intake into a state of balance, and emotional eating under control. Then, once you’re stable, you can gradually adjust what you eat. In fact, you’ll find yourself making healthier choices naturally–it’s a side effect of honoring your body.

What if I have food restrictions?

If you’re “pre-diabetic”, then this program can help slow or even reverse the situation.  Research has shown that this way of eating helps even out blood-sugar levels, reducing dangerous highs and lows.  If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, or a food intolerance, you’ll have to exercise extra care. Even then, BodyWise principles, habits and techniques will help you reduce cravings and improve your health and your weight.  You can succeed even if you have food restrictions!

Will it work for me – what if I’m different?

Everyone is different … and wonderful. By learning to appreciate and listen to your own unique body, you’ll discover what works for you and what doesn’t. Our bodies were designed to help us regulate our food choices intuitively—the way children and animals do— isn’t it time to listen to yours?


So, what happens if you don’t learn the lessons of BodyWise?
You could continue to diet and re-gain, diet and re-gain…
You could keep falling off your plan.
You could be embarrassed that you can’t seem to succeed at this one thing.
You could end up heavier or unhealthier than you are now.


I don’t want this for you.
Especially when in a few short weeks, you could have the mindset and tools to succeed.
Join us in BodyWise — you deserve to have a body you love, a body that loves you back!
I know you can do it!